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Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd,
PT Sunwood Timber Industries


Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd is one of the pioneer manufacturers of top quality timber doors in Asia, with factory in Indonesia, mainly export to America, Holland, UK, Ireland, Australia...etc

Mr Ong Yee Chok, the Managing Director of Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd, has all along been in the wood-working industry ever since he graduated more than 40 years ago. With his foresight and experience, Mr Ong has made several of Sunrise Doors’ milestones possible since he started to take over Sunrise Wood Products in early 1980's.

Back in the late 1970’s, Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd, then known as Sunrise Wood Products Co (Pte) Ltd, was one of the door-manufacturing pioneers in Singapore with exports mainly to Europe.

As part of expansion and diversification efforts, Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd started the Indonesia factory: PT Sunwood Timber Industries, located in the greater Jakarta area in 1990. That was a significant milestone, especially when there was no disruption of production throughout the process of relocation.

PT Sunwood proved the ability to maintain the production with no disruption again during 1998 when there were big social riots and social unrest caused by the currency crisis at the time but PT Sunwood factory's workers stayed in the factory's premises to protect the factory and continue the production one week later and ensure production would not be disrupted.

PT Sunwood Timber industries was FSC® certified since year 2008 and PEFC certified since year 2010. By making UK Part L energy-saving doors in year 2009, PT Sunwood Timber Industries makes one more contribution to saving the Mother Nature.

In 1995, Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd set up the China factory: Sunrise Doors (Kunshan) Co Ltd, located in Kunshan near Shanghai.

In 2016, PT Sunwood Timber expanded its painting facilities with conveyor painting line and auto spray machine. The production of China factory was stopped and totally transferred to the Indonesia factory.

With the head office and marketing office in Singapore, Sunrise Doors International Pte Ltd has been supplying to many countries with top quality doors made possible by a dedicated production team & prompt sales admin services.